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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pool Building Process

Experienced Pool Builder

21-pool1. Pool Design

As the builder of more than 20,000 custom pools, Jays Pool and Spa knows that it is an absolute requirement to have the approved design and blueprint of the pool before the building process can begin. We have a reputation for building beautiful, high-quality custom pools on time and within budget, and by ensuring that you are well-informed throughout the entire process.

2. Layout

Prior to any work being done, Jays Pool abd Spa paints the shape of your pool on the ground as a guide for the excavators. You approve the pool’s outline and position prior to the scheduling of the excavation.

3. Excavation

Our unique excavation process include vertically excavated walls and flat floors. This creates a safer and lasting swimming pool compared to the industry norm.

Our expertise results in a build process that leave your property free of damage, oil spills and any unprofessional mess.

4. Plumbing and Equipment

It is essential to have the pools plumbing be constructed to the highest qaulity and standards, as a pool’s hydraulics will ensure years and years of trouble free enjoyment with minimal maintenance. Special features standard on our pools include dual main drains for safety, a high flow skimmer and looped returns for balanced water flow.

  • Schedule 40 PVC piping will be buried below your excavated pool forms to ensure long-term integrity.
  • Valves that direct water flow are guaranteed for lifetime, low maintenance, easy to operate, and labeled for simplicity.
  • Water flow is increased by the size of the pump and by the diameter of the piping.

We routinely bid against cheaper undersized systems that will not provide enough water for good pool circulation, spa action or water feature needs. By comparing these features you will see the difference in quaity that Jays Pool and Spa provides.

5. Steel Rebar

Steel rebar is the overall strength of the pool and has to be designed and placed in a special grid pattern to provide the best strenght and durability. The vast majority of pool companies use standardized steel specifications based on providing the cheapest quote. In our case, the steel specifications will be developed and engineered for your particular pool, in your particular soil and with the unique load and stress of your pool design.

Our plans generally include grid patterns that are typically 8” apart, and for boulders, retaining walls and other high stress areas, we use a tighter 6" grid pattern. Jays Pool and Spa has never had a strutural failure of any kind, this includes infinity pools, hillside pools, and pools with very special features such as waterfalls and spas. We will never sacrifice quality, durability and peace of mind to save a few dollars!

Your pool is guaranteed for life against any steel rebar rust bleed-through, caused by placing steel too near the concrete surface. This rusting problem is excluded in many warranties but we believe that it is our responsibility to make sure this does not happen.

6. Electrical

Standard Features include a full-sized pool light with remote control abilities. A time clock and control panel will be placed at the equipment for daily, effortless remote control pool system control. Many optional lighting and spa control systems are available to meet your budget and needs.

7. Shotcrete

Shotcrete, sometimes refered to as Gunite  is today an all-inclusive term that describes spraying concrete. We use a special mix of shotcrete that test to 4000 psi. Industry standards are as low as 3000 psi. Our proprietary mix adds compaction and additional strength to the concrete shell.

Our pneumatically placed (shot in place with air pressure) shell is a minimum thickness of 6”. In coves and stress areas it is a minimum of 8” thick. Our bond beam and other structural load areas will be 12” minimum thickness. We never come back to the homeowner and charge for additional concrete known as overbreak. (This can add up to several hundred dollars with other pool companies.)

Our lifetime pool shell warranty includes replacing water, chemicals, electricity, and complete repair of any interior or incidental damage should the shell ever develop a crack. We give this extensive warranty because we build pools that last!

8. Rock and Special Features

Like all phases of construction, our rock and special features including spas and fountains are built and engineered with long-term durability in mind. Our second priority is appearance and aesthetic design. We have some of the best pool artisans in the industry, proving a skill and craftsmanship that today is hard to find. With our expertise you will see why Jays Pool and Spa is considered one of the best in pool design and quality.

9. Decking

We provide many options for decking including; stamped or stained concrete, tile, rock, pavers, and many others. the pool deck is the most visible area around the pool and must be well built for durability against soil movement and erosion. We create footings and aesthetics that guarantee a lifetime of use and maintenance-free beauty. 

10. Interior Surfaces

There are many options for the interior surfaces.  We can provide; Tile, pebble, stone, plaster and an array of colors and textures allow for the pool to be individualized for your décor and needs. These surfaces must resist a wide variety of chemicals, constant attacks from hard water scaling and the sun.


Jays Pool and Spa Provides New Pool  Design and Construction the Greater Temecula Valley Including;
Temecula, Anza, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Winchester, Greer Ranch, Morgan Hill and RedHawk. 

Jay's Pool & Spa Construction
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Jays Testimonials

John - Morgan Hill


Jay finished my pool on time and under budget


Marcy - Temecula


Jay is a masterful pool biulder... Thanks again!

Tracy - Temecula


Jay my pool and waterfall is the talk of the neighborhood.... Thanks for the great job..

Steve - Marietta


I love my pool and backyard... Thanks Jay you did a great job!

Susan - Marietta


Jay is a craftsman and does excellent work... I would reccomend him for any pool need




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